UCSD Professors Want To Dissolve U.S. While Helping Illegals Cross The Border

Micha Cardenas, a self proclaimed artist and activist professor at University of San Diego California, where he is a lecturer and researcher –  publicly voiced in a video on May 2009 that he wants to dissolve the U.S.A or wait for it to economically collapse. Add to that, he is helping engineer software for cheap GPS cellphones embedded with explicit poetry to help illegals cross the Mexican border in to the United States.  

Micha Cardenas said – quote:

“I think the way to fix the country is to dissolve it. We could either give all the land back to the indigenous people that we stole it from or we could just wait for the economic collapse and build community based alternatives and infrastructure to replace the current system.”

UCSD professor Ricardo Dominguez,  an activist professor and engineer of “Virtual Sit-in Technologies” – said on November 2009 on 89.3 KPCC – quote:

“In terms of immigrant rights, and that is faith passage, and so the question is to move the kind of anchor or civil disobedience within the kind of over fetishized notion of a single sovereignty of a nation, but to look at a larger TRANS-TRACK, a larger TRANS -SOCIETY that is emerging that should also have a kind of global rights.”  

These professors received tenure at the University of California San Diego from their work on a taxpayer funded project associated with engineering software used in cheap GPS cellphones to provide illegal immigrants with maps, water spots, and a compass to help illegals cross the border in to the United States from Mexico.

Cardenas explained – quote:

“It’s really just designed for you to turn it on and the compass would show you where is the nearest safety site. The tool consists of an inexpensive cell phone with a global positioning satellite chip, a GPS chip, and a Custom piece of software from which accesses the phones ability to receive GPS information without needing to send out data which may allow the user to be located and without needing phone service.”

Professor Dominguez admitted the project used tax payer money – quote:

“Why? Because I’m paid so much money, right?  So how much of that money, which might be tax payers money, is actually going? Between 2007 and 2009 when I earned tenure in part based on this project, it was given awards, it was performed as a legitimate condition of research.”

The Video and Audio:

This begs these logical questions:

First, why are these professors helping immigrants illegally enter the United States through a dangerous life-threatening path instead of educating these people while they’re over the border in Mexico on how to legally and safely come to America? I think it would take less work for these professors to type up and print text documents educating future immigrants on how to legally enter the United States for work or to become a citizen than engineering software for GPS cellphones and mapping out safe locations and water spots.

Second, how are these professors getting away with using tax payer money for illegal projects, such as helping illegal immagrants come to the United States, or earning tenure in a tax payer funded college while announcing they want to dissolve America or see it economically collapse?

At the very least, these professors should be fired from UCSD and banned from teaching in a college ever again. They should also be banned from using any tax payer money ever again, and also have to pay back the tax dollars they misused.

Where is law enforcement and justice in America anymore? Shouldn’t these professors be charged with the illegal use of tax payer money and the illegal activity of helping immigrants cross the border without going through the proper legal procedure – and the safest way, legally immigrating to America?